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About Meadows Edge Labradoodles

We are an animal-loving family. I grew up with Labrador retrievers, they were my buddies and part of my family. Once I had a family of my own, we had another Labrador who was a sweet part of our home. We were introduced to the Australian Labradoodle breed by a family friend who brought their dog to a track meet. I was amazed at how sweet and well-behaved she was, even as a 6-month old puppy. I made a call to her breeder and was fortunate enough to become a part of their guardianship program

Blueberry is a beautiful tri color phantom with the best temperament. We fell in love with her and the Australian Labradoodle breed. What a blessing to have found a breeder who takes producing healthy and well-behaved Australian Labradoodles seriously. We have learned so much through the guardianship program and have fallen in love with these dogs. Due to our love for these dogs and the joy they have brought our family, we decided to start a breeding program of our own.  We are fortunate to be mentored by Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles and to continue Blueberry’s line in our own program. Our first momma is Blueberries daughter, Harley, a beautiful apricot-colored girl with the softest fleece coat and sweet temperament like her mother.


We cannot get enough of our Australian Labradoodles and they have brought our family so much joy.  We want to bring this same joy into the lives of other families. We are not a mill or kennel. Our breeding dogs are carefully selected and come from multiple generations of Australian Labradoodles, who have impeccable bloodlines. Each breeding dog in our program goes through thorough health and genetic testing to ensure that the qualities that make these dogs so wonderful are passed on. We place our dogs in guardian homes, where they thrive with their forever family who cares for them like we would.

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